Airbus A320 Simulator

Our Airbus A320 Flight Simulator is fitted with authentic pedestal and overhead controls and panels with exact reproductions of the real switches, knobs, dials and levers found in the real aircraft. The outside world is created using state of the art electronic graphics, enabling almost any airport anywhere in the world to be accessed using the powerful computers to generate the perfect scenario of being on stand at Manchester, Munich or Moscow.

You can choose your own runway at your own destination and taxi slowly past the impressive collection of Boeings and Airbuses on stand, awaiting their passengers and baggage. You then arrive at the runway, line up push the throttles forward and take off just like you were the Captain or First Officer taking your passengers to their holiday destination or business venue.

It’s all so realistic that although you are sat perfectly still in your left hand or right hand seat you would swear that when you move the sidestick up, down or left and right, you will be totally convinced that you are actually climbing, descending and banking. Even the sound of the 2 jet engines is totally real to add to the occasion.

A flight simulator is what it says on the tin – it simulates motion in all directions and makes the right noises but whereas a fully certified airline training simulator will set you back millions, we have created a non-motion version which does the same thing but at a fraction of the cost but with all the realistic experience. This means that if you have trained on a light aircraft such as a Cessna 150/172 or a Piper PA38/28 and have gained your PPL and want to take things further and go commercial, we can offer you simulator time at a fraction of the cost so that when you simulator assessment becomes due, you have had hours and hours of almost identical experience at absolutely minimal cost.

If you just want a few hours flying fun then you can have a great time taking off and landing – albeit with a little help from your friendly assistant in the seat next you and enjoy an amazing experience for either yourself or a family member or good friend for a birthday, special occasion or just to say thank you for something – its all about the experience!

Our prices are tailored so just ask when you phone in with your booking and we’ll give you the rates we charge but rest assured we are very competitive and great value for money – where else can you get 30 minutes flying a jet plane for the price of a jumper?


This is a simpler version of the Airbus sim, in that its basically an enhanced video game but with the controls and instruments of a real Cessna for those who want to get a basic flying experience before spending lots and lots on flying the real thing. Again, it is also a great help for those already trained to basic PPL standard as we can show you how to fly in bad weather and carry out a full ILS approach in nil visibility – great experience at very little cost and very realistic. You can go through check lists and ground run-ups and carry out all the stuff you would do in the real thing and its great fun for very little dosh.

Come along and have a look at what we have to offer – it’s a great experience!

  • 210 Degree Curved Screen for Maximum Immersion
  • Real World Navigation Data
  • Live Weather
  • Custom Weather
  • Terrain Radar
  • Weather Radar
  • TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System)
  • EGPWS (Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System)
  • Free Refreshments

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